• 1. How fast can my order get processed?

    As soon as you enter your order, you will receive your Order ID #, via e-mail.

    As soon as you order get pulled and shipped from the factories, you will receive your orders shipping tracking # via e-mail.

  • 2. Is there a deadline for NEXT DAY AIR Orders?

    Yes, 2:00pm EST.

  • 3. What forms of payments are accepted?

    We accept payments via credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Amex & Discover. Bank wire transfer, money orders or Western Union.

  • 4. What is your return policy?

    As soon as the returned merchandise is received and the condition of the product is verified, the proper credit will be issued.

    We cannot refund shipping charges, and a 25% restocking fee will be deducted from the credit. The restocking fee also applies to "Refused" shipments. All returns must be sent back to us shipping prepaid. However, if the error is ours, the restocking fee will not apply and shipping charges will gladly be refunded.

    Further return instructions, including return address, will be on your sales receipt which will be sent to you via Postal Mail or included with your order. We do not accept returns of electrical items.

    First call 1-(844) GEN-PART for a Return Authorization Number.

  •  5. What is the delivery time on International priority air shipping?

  • Major carriers: UPS, FED EX, or DHL is 2 working days.

  • 6. Does acepowerparts.com have a catalog?

    No, we don't have a catalog. Our website has extensive information and up-to-date-prices on every product. Companies that have catalogs have higher prices to cover the cost of the catalog and by the time they are printed they are out of date. If you don't find what you're looking for or would like for us to add your unit to your site, so you can order parts direct on line. Please send in your request.

  • 7. Is there sales tax?

    We collect sales taxes for all sales in Florida. We do not collect sales taxes for any other state.

  • 8. Does acepowerparts.com ship outside of the USA?

    Generally we require customers to hire a freight forwarder in the USA to receive their shipment and then re-ship it to the customer's country. It is cheaper for the customer to make these arrangements. We can however arrange International shipments worldwide via; FedEx, UPS, or DHL Freight. All taxes and customs duties are the responsibility of the customer.

  • 9. Does acepowerparts.com ship COD?

    We never ship COD. EVER!

  • 10. Do you offer warranties?

    All of our products are OEM brand new and covered by a full manufacturer's warranty. This warranty varies by manufacturer, and the warranty documents are available. Any products that fail within the manufacturer's warranty period will be replaced in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty.

  • 11. What is the function of the electronic controller on a GenSet?

    Most of the engine/generator controllers used today are digital and are designed to provide control of the generator set. (GenSet). The controller system monitors the operation of the engine and generator functions. Typical safety items include low oil pressure, high temperature, engine start over-crank, over/under frequency (speed), low coolant level etc.

    Modern digital controllers for residential or small business applications are typically simplified LED indicators a start-stop button with or without auto-start. If the generator has auto-start, the controller can be used to interface with an automatic transfer switch or inverter/battery system to start and stop automatically. Usually manual controls are provided on al generators including those with auto-start.

    Advanced controllers provide real time monitoring of volts, hertz and amperage in addition to the basic engine/generator safeties and auto-start functions. Complex controllers typically installed on larger generator systems provide engine safeties and shutdowns for low oil pressure, high temperature, engine start over-crank, over/under-speed, low coolant level and also have indicators for low fuel level, KVA output, KW output, power factor (PF), engine & generator gauges in real time. Larger generators often have a communication capability for remote monitoring and starting.

  • 12. What does the term "Wet Stacking" mean in a diesel engine?

    Diesel engines are designed to operate with a load. When a diesel engine operates considerably below the rated output level the engine can start to over-fuel or "Wet Stack". Diesel engines perform most efficiently in the 70-80% range of rated output. When an engine operates for a prolonged period of time below 40% of the rated output it begins to over-fuel. This is similar to driving a car in the City at slow speeds for long periods.

    Wet Stacking occurs because the injection tips began to carbonize and disrupt the fuel spray pattern. Commercial generator systems often have widely varying loads with some low output conditions often have wet stacking problems because of the diverse load applications and owners artificially load the generator with an automatic load bank. A load bank will place a "false" load on the generator system to keep the diesel engine properly loaded.

    Once a diesel engine begins to "wet stack" the only way to correct the problem is to load the engine for a couple of hours to burn off the excess fuel and clean up the engine. This is seldom necessary in a residential or commercial application. Generally, electronically controlled engines and engines with advanced emission systems are less likely to "wet stack". It is for this reason that proper sizing and design is important.

  • 13. Will the GenSet or any electrical/digital controller I purchase from acepowerparts.com have adequate operating instructions and service manuals?

    Every GenSet sold by acepowerparts.com comes complete with an operators manual for the engine, generator and controller if applicable. We will include any special instructions for added options or features, if available. Some manufactures offer factory service and parts manual kits as an option.

  • 14. For exports, what local Freight Forwarders do you work with?

    (Please click on the links for Shipping Schedules)

    Laser Freight International Miami: http://www.laserfreight.com

    Tropical Shipping Miami: http://www.tropical.com

    G&G Shipping Port Everglades: http://www.gandgshipping.com

    Turks Air Cargo Miami: http://www.turksaircargo.com

    GB Express Ft. Lauderdale: Your air link to the Bahamas