Gas & Liquid Fuel Control Valves for Combustion Turbine Applications

Woodward’s complete line of Fuel Metering Systems components are typically applied to electrical power generation, gas compression, and mechanical drive system processes. Woodward Fuel Metering valves accurately meter fuel to a combustion turbine during acceleration, steady-state operation, and deceleration. Valves available with hydraulic or electric actuation and include single or multi-coil position feedback that allow external valve drivers to accurately position the valve in a closed loop configuration. Many units have secondary shutoff capability. Gas fuel control valves for aero-derivative turbines incorporate a shear type design that provides superior performance in less than ideal fuel environments. Plug-style gas control valves are specified for frame gas turbine applications. Liquid fuel control valves utilize either bypass or throttling technologies. Gas and liquid valves are available for all types of combustor designs including the most demanding dry low NOx applications.

Factory Certified Repair & Service Available

Valve spares and service available for all types of turbines, offering a qualified authorized alternative to your service contract supplier

Woodward Gas Valves, Actuators & Mechanical Controls Maintenance Recommendations

Scheduled maintenance of valves, actuators, and mechanical controls improves turbine engine reliability, availability, and safety of operation. While control monitoring cannot replace normal preventative maintenance practices, it is important to follow OEM recommendations to avoid unnecessary and unscheduled shutdowns.

Woodward’s overhaul services will return the unit to “as new” condition ready for another full operating cycle until your next planned maintenance outage. Upon reaching the recommended maintenance cycle of the auxiliary component, please contact parts@acepowerparts.com to arrange services

Gas Fuel Metering, Control, and Monitoring

From the smallest turbine in distributed generation to the largest used in power generation applications, specialize in control system integration and support. Factory trained representative supports your combustion turbine project with comprehensive turnkey project management, from initial site visit to design, installation, testing, commissioning, and training.

Electronic Control Systems for All Applications

We supply and support Woodward comprehensive energy control system solutions for every size, type, and application of combustion turbine. We have a wide range of standard and custom control platforms provide complete control for industrial turbines from start through loading and unloading to safe shutdown. All controls are microprocessor-based with programmable integral application software designed for many types of combustion turbine applications.

Factory Controllers can be programmed Controllers can be programmed to control any prime mover and processes, including system sequencing, high speed system monitoring, surge control, vibration monitoring and station control. Available in simplex, redundant, and triple modular redundant configurations.

Control Platform: We have custom solutions that provides reliable. Control Platform provides reliable and deterministic performance for key prime mover control functionality. Additional control functionality can be added through the use of Custom Software applications for programming structures and additional distributed I/O.

Digital Load Sharing and Speed Control incorporates integral application software designed for single- shaft gas turbine applications. This control is designed to perform the core fuel control functions of a small gas turbine package. The application software is field configurable, allowing it to be modified to meet site-specific requirements

Ingersoll Rand Air Starters are flexible, efficient alternatives to electric sources. They create sheer power from the natural environment, and are perfect for a wide range of industrial, marine and automotive applications. Ingersoll Rand offers well over 200 cataloged models of vain and turbine air starters with an extensive range of options and maintains data on hundreds of special application air starters for extreme conditions.

Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) & Excitation Systems. Retrofits simplex AVR Systems to complex redundant configuration Excitation Systems including brush or brushless rotating exciter, PMG or bus-fed excitation systems, from field flashing to crow bar protection. We supports a range of AVRs from Digital Excitation Control System Excitation Systems and Unitrol Automatic Voltage Regulator AVRs.

Vibration Monitoring Systems service, training, specifications, and installations of industry-standard vibration monitoring systems to meet API 670 standard, Machinery Protection Systems. .

HMI (Human Machine Interface) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems provide a window into the complete system by displaying current / historical information and alarm handling. The HMI allows operators and supervisory personnel to view a series of screens to troubleshoot and remotely monitor the control system. Monitor local, remote or unattended sites through a powerful suite of automation tools gathering current / historical data, trend logging, and alarm troubleshooting.

From the smallest turbine in distributed generation to the largest used in power generation applications, Woodward offers a tightly integrated control system solution that perfectly matches the requirements.

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Control Systems for Engines & Turbines.


Diesel Fuel Systems; APECS and DYNA Small Engine Products.

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Turbine Control Products and Systems; Gas Turbine . Fuel metering valves, fuel control valves, and drivers for gas turbines including Atlas and MicroNet, specialty gas valves. Governor repair, prime movers, turbine, steam, gas, speed control.

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