Steam Turbine Products

Woodward offers comprehensive energy control system solutions for every size, type, and application of steam turbine made. From the smallest turbine to the largest, Woodward offers a tightly integrated control system solution that perfectly matches the requirements.

Woodward Mechanical Governors for Steam Turbines
Woodward  Actuation for Steam Turbines
Woodward Standard and Custom Digital Controls for Steam Turbines
Woodward Overspeed Safety Systems for Steam Turbines

  • ProTech-SX


    ProTech-SX Safety System with Integrated Overspeed Protection The Woodward ProTech-SX is a safety programmable logic controller (PLC) with integrated overspeed protection designed to safely shut down any plant process equipment, engine, or steam, gas,...

  • MicroNet Safety Module

    MicroNet Safety Module

    MicroNet Safety Module Woodward's MicroNet Safety Module PLC can be applied to any size steam, gas, or hydro turbine, or plant process equipment. This safety PLC's fast (12 millisecond) response time, 0.5 to 32 000 rpm speed range, and integrated over...

  • Servo Position Controller (SPC)

    Servo Position Controller (SPC)

    Servo Position Controller (SPC) The Woodward Servo Position Controller (SPC) is a servo-valve driver that accepts a DeviceNet™ or 4?20 mA based position demand signal from a system controller, and accurately positions proportional or integrating...

  • TG Governors

    TG Governors

    TG Governors The Woodward TG Governors are self-contained mechanical-hydraulic speed droop governors for use on small steam turbines where isochronous operation is not required.