Off the Grid with Cummins Or 100KW Stamford Generator

Off the Grid with Cummins Or 100KW Stamford Generator

Posted by Admin on 19th Sep 2022

If you like the ease of technology or the convenience of having lights, heat, or air conditioners at any time of your choice, then you need AC Generators or power.

Those who discover they are not joined to the primary grid will have to rely on a primary source generator or instead opt for a double-bearing generator that can provide the needed power to power their equipment.

Therefore, when opting for an alternator or a full generator set, you must consider top-notch, heavy-duty alternator brands.

How Can You Select the Perfect Alternator?

If you're looking for the best AC alternators, you should go for either Mecc-Alte, Stamford Cummins, or Marathon Electric.

Each AC generator brand makes available a broad range of alternators and generator powers that benefit your power requirements.

  • Mecc-Alte Generator

Mecc-Alte generators support applications involving aircraft operations and applications relating to the sea, residence, industry, and many more.

With top-notch services and recent certifications, you will find whatever you want through this highly technical and professional manufacturer.

Apart from just offering one of the best AC generators, they also help to customize models for your specific needs. Examples are their standard ECP28 and ECP32 series. Via a global service network, you can always get whatever you want, regardless of where you are.

  • Stamford Cummins Generator

The Stamford Cummins is also an excellent choice for people who need an AC generator.

Whether you want the small Stamford PO, suitable for standby and Telecom uses, or the extremely powerful Stamford S9, you can always get what you want.

Stamford has been a leader in the power generation industry for almost a hundred years. The 100kW Stamford generator and the 125KW and150KW generators can also be obtained.

Some benefits you enjoy while using the Stamford generator include freedom to Cummins Inc. throughout the nation.

  • Marathon Electric

Marathon Electric has a lot of excellent qualities that make it the perfect choice for you. For instance, Marathon Electric's Hydraulic Magna Plus can be an ideal choice for maximum oil, gas, or environmental uses.

Based on what you need, Marathon Electric has some important benefits that come in handy, including a cylindrical shaft perfect for supporting coupling.

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Whether you need 100KW, Standard generators, or Phasor Marine Generator parts, we will supply them to you.

If we're recommending any brand to you, we're sure they've had a strong reputation in the industry and are popular for their effectiveness, worth, and quality. Contact us today to get the best of the best brands of AC generators