How To Choose The Best AC Alternators and Parts For Sale

How To Choose The Best AC Alternators and Parts For Sale

Posted by Admin on 23rd May 2022

AC alternators are great and efficient, but are they all great quality? Providing quality for your customers is key, and it doesn’t make you look good when clients keep returning and complaining about the generators you sell them.

Knowing the right quality for sale requires knowing what the customer needs and how to recognize good AC alternators. Here is How:

How To Choose The Best AC Alternators For Sale

Here are factors you must consider when choosing an AC generator for your customers:

The Brand

To get the best AC alternators for sale, you have to know your brands. Consider only well-known brands whose reputation is good and whose parts are easily and readily available. Here are some of the brands known for quality AC alternator generators.

  • Marathon Electric
  • Stamford Cummins
  • WEG
  • Leroy Somer


If you are looking for AC alternators for sale, consider their frequency. Ensure that the generator’s output is steady. This depends on the location. In some places, this electrical grid production rating is 50Hz in some countries, while in others, it is 60Hz.

Ensure that you sell an AC alternator generator that hits the standards, depending on where your customer base is.


The AC alternator generator needs to produce energy depending on its engine type and horsepower to produce the necessary power for what is needed. This is measured as power rating, in kilowatts, or kilo-volt ampere.

As an AC alternator generator seller, it is crucial to know the power rating of the AC alternators you have for sale to ensure that you sell depending on your customers’ needs. You should be able to advise your customers accordingly.

A customer using the generator for home use will require an alternator with a different amount of output from one for use in a business. Knowing the output of the AC alternators allows you to solve your customer’s needs.

Poles That The Alternators Run On

Knowing the magnetic poles on the AC alternators allows you to know the efficiency level to expect from the AC generator. For more efficiency, go for AC alternators with more magnetic poles since they produce more energy even with fewer RPM.

Considering efficiency is key when getting AC alternators for sale since it means less fuel for more energy and more reliable power.


Knowing the voltage of the AC alternators for sale helps you advise your customers accordingly. The voltage determines the appliances and devices that the AC generator can support.

Since customers come in with different needs, having AC alternators with various voltage levels allows you to serve more customers.

You can serve customers with many systems, thus requiring AC alternators with high voltage levels and those requiring AC generators with lower voltages to run households.

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