Find The Woodward APECS 0175 Actuators You Need Here!

Find The Woodward APECS 0175 Actuators You Need Here!

Posted by Admin on 23rd Mar 2020

Here at Ace Power Products, LLC we are proud to provide industrial tools from the highest quality bands. Headquartered in Florida, USA, we function as a link between manufacturers and buyers all around the world. Our company specializes in distribution of Diesel Generators and spare parts, with AC Alternators, Alternator Parts, Automatic voltage regulators, Transfer switches, Diesel engine parts, Alternator parts, and Woodward Products. If you’re looking for Woodward governor parts, then Ace Power Products, LLC is the right place for you! With offices in Wellington, FL, we are able to ship your Woodward actuators anywhere in the United States. Read on to learn more about the APECS 0175 Actuators that we provide and how they may meet your needs! If you’re looking for an APECS 0175 actuator for sale in the United States, call Ace Power Products, LLC to order today!

What To Know About APECS 0175 Actuators

Ace Power Products, LLC is a top provider of the APECS 0175 linear actuators and other Woodward governor parts. The APECS 0175 linear actuators deliver precise positioning and form the foundation of a full electronic governing system. A lot of the moving parts that are typically associated with electric actuators are totally eliminated, which prolongs the MTBF (mean time between failure). The design of the actuator utilizes the principle of variable reluctance in order to garner consistent force over the entire stroke. The simple design of a proportional electric linear actuator uses a sliding armature that has a magnetic force which is proportional to the input coil current. These actuators are quite simple to install through mounting near the fuel system with a direct connection to the fuel control rod or level. In the majority of installations, the normal rotary-torotary connection is phased out, so you can have a more trouble-free and accurate control system. APECS 0175 actuators are suitable for installation on diesel, gasoline, or natural gas engines with fuel system force requirements of less than 4,0 pounds (17.8N) of force. 

Looking For a Woodward APECS 0175 Actuator For Sale?

The applications of this actuator include:

  • Providing proportional fuel control for construction, industrial, and agricultural equipment
  • 1.75 inch (44.4mm) diameter spring-return actuator, pull or push models, three spring types available

Some features to be aware of:

  • Pull or push actuation: Model 0175 pull Model 0175P push
  • Flange or base mount
  • Internal spring return to minimum fuel position
  • Corrosionresistant, plated steel housing and mounting base/flange
  • Precise engine speed control when used with APECS electronic controllers
  • Variety of mounting styles, plungers, terminations, and springs available

Contact Us Today

Here at Ace Power Products, LLC we offer a wide array of Woodward Actuators and are able to provide a large range of Woodward governor parts to fit your specific needs. You can check out the range of Woodward APECS 0175 Actuators in different specifications on our website, where we ship all over the United States. If you’re looking for an actuator for sale, call Ace Power Products, LLC at our Wellington, FL headquarters today!