Automatic Transfer Switch: Everything You Need To Know!

Automatic Transfer Switch: Everything You Need To Know!

Posted by Admin on 11th Jan 2022

A transfer switch is a permanent circuit breaker that interchanges power sources when the need arises. An automatic transfer switch is a transfer switch that operates on its own and automatically switches from one load to the other.

A transfer switch makes it easy to switch from the power company source of power to use a generator. When there is a power outage, for example, an automatic transfer switch automatically turns on the power from the generator. You will hardly notice the transfer time.

Types of Automatic Transfer Switches

There are 4 types of automatic transfer switches based on your needs.

Open Transition Automatic Transfer Switch

This is the simplest design of ATS. The Open Transition ATS is used in situations where a power outage for a few seconds will not alter the normal functioning of systems. It takes a few seconds for the power transfer to happen.

Closed Transition Transfer Switch

When using a closed transition ATS, you do not even notice the transfer from one power source to another. While it has a more complex design, it is great for high-risk operations such as facilities dealing with medicine storage, or highly perishable goods.

The fast transfer ensures that there is no moment of a power outage, even when one power source stops working.

Soft Loading Transfer Switch

This transfer switch is even more reliable than the open transfer switch, and very close to the closed transition ATS in its functioning.  It is more demanding in terms of protection and control. With the soft loading Transfer, its technology matches the voltages of both power sources.

Its ability to adjust its load capacity depending on unique situations allows the power load transfer to be as seamless as possible.

Bypass Isolation Transfer Switch 

The bypass isolation ATS is by far the best, most reliable, and complex transfer switch. It operates using similar systems that run side by side, and inspection and maintenance can be done while the systems are still running.

The Bypass isolation is used in high-risk units such as hospital ICU wings, NICU, and other facilities that highly depend on power to run. And even the slightest outage would mean disaster. This automatic transfer switch is highly dependable.

Generac Automatic Transfer Switch 

Generac automatic transfer switches come in a variety of prices and models, allowing you to make a choice based on preference and your needs. Additionally, the Generac transfer switch also comes with the necessary accessories to ensure you have a complete system.

All Generac automatic transfer switches have a 5-year warranty. The warranty covers any necessary repairs of any defective parts of the system within 5 years of activation.

You don't have to worry about repairs with Generac because its quality is impeccable. Due to variety, there is a Generac transfer switch for any capacity and home depending on size, load, and needs.