The AVR Generator: What Is It And What Does It Do?

The AVR Generator: What Is It And What Does It Do?

Posted by Admin on 21st Dec 2020

Most people may hear the words AVR generator and go “Huh”? The majority of individuals or households may not have to worry about AVRs, but if you’re a business and don’t know the basic mechanics of an AVR or have one in your building, you may be setting yourself up for disaster down the road. Read on to continue learning about generators, and where to find the best selection of AVRs and various Woodward Governor Parts in the United States.

What Does AVR Stand For?

The Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) is a solid state electronic device that automatically maintains the output voltage on a generator. The generator is usually at a set value, and will fluctuate as the operating temperature or the generator load changes. AVRs can also provide surge protection from electrical spikes, surges, and generator overloads. Most AVRs differ by company, and the varying manufacturers may have their values set differently from each other. Whether it’s a Phasor or Woodward Governor Parts Generator, each one may be set to a different value, but will still be the right one for their complimenting company equipment.      

What An AVR Generator Can Do For You

The needs for an AVR can vary greatly, especially if you’re a business or an individual. For the average individual, most voltage supplied by your local utility company will be enough for your needs. If you happen to be living in a more remote or isolated area, the voltage from your utility company may still suffice unless you have a lot of power-consuming machinery, such as welding and woodworking equipment. If your home or small business may benefit from an AVR, there are a growing number of portable AVR systems that may help supply the power you need without being too cumbersome.   

Your Business Needs an AVR

If you’re a business, an AVR is essential to getting your work done without the hassle of losing voltage regulation. An unregulated generator can’t typically deal with the constant fluctuation of commercial equipment. Without the aid of an AVR, the overall generator performance will suffer, not only affecting the generator itself but also the machinery connected to it. If you experience loss of voltage-regulation it can cost you thousands to millions of dollars in lost revenue if you’re a medium to large-sized business. You can lose valuable production time, leading to late or missed deliveries and possible customer dissatisfaction. You may have to scrap projects or start all over depending on your business and how hands-on your operation is. Depending on the amount of work lost, you may have to pull your employees in for overtime to get everything back on track.  

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