Order A Woodward DYNA 2500 Linear Actuator Today!

Order A Woodward DYNA 2500 Linear Actuator Today!

Posted by Admin on 1st Jul 2020

Efficiency and dependability are two of the most crucial elements of quality machinery. When your business is reliant on your equipment to meet demands and get work done, there can be no room for faulty parts and unreliable craftsmanship. A critical piece to many power tools and machinery is the actuator. A heavy duty linear actuator could make all the difference in efficiency and productivity for your company. Ace Power Tools in Wellington, Fl is an official dealer of the Woodward DYNA 2500 Linear Actuators and other Woodward governor parts. Here at Ace Power Tools, we are dedicated to bringing you the tools you need to get the job done. 

Typical Uses of a Heavy Duty Linear Actuator

Industry-standard linear actuators are no toys and can be used in a variety of applications and automated systems. The Woodward DYNA 2500 linear Actuator, for example, can be used in machinery like power carts, forklifts, pump sets, woodchippers, and off-road vehicles. The Woodward DYNA 2500 linear Actuator can also be used to improve precision and efficiency in speed governing systems. In these applications, linear actuators serve critical roles. That's why you need a device as dependable and heavy-duty as the Woodward DYNA 2500 linear Actuator.  

Features and Specifications 

The Woodward DYNA 2500 linear Actuator is an all-electric compact device that is mountable in any position. The actuator was designed using the principle of variable reluctance. It uses an electric solenoid to generate a coil current that is proportional to the magnetic force of the sliding armature. It's simple, yet effective design only has two moving parts and has an MTBF (mean time between failure) far exceeding that of traditional linear actuators. These devices are also easy to install and can be used with diesel, gasoline, or natural gas engines. Mount the actuator near the fuel system and directly connect the fuel control rod or lever, and you're ready to go.  Finally, Woodward governing parts meet INR and EMP requirements for modern tactical battlefield equipment. 

As for specs, the DYNA 2500 model can produce 0.50 ft-lb of work, 13.0 lbs of force, and has an output stroke that is 0.775–0.825 inches long. The Nominal Steady State Current is 2.5 A (12 Vdc), 1.0 A (24 Vdc), while the Max. Current @ Stall @ 24 °C and Max. Current @ Stall @ 125 °C are 5.9 A (12 Vdc), 3.0 A (24 Vdc) and 4.2 A (12 Vdc), 2.0 A (24 Vdc)  respectively. The operating voltage is 12 or 24 Vdc ±20%, and the ambient operating temperature is –65 to +250 °F (–54 to 121 °C). Mechanical vibrations can be expected in the range of 5 to 500 Hz, and the sealing is water, oil, and dust resistant. 

Why You Should Trust Woodward 

Woodward has been an independent designer and manufacturer for over 150 years. They are committed to developing and producing proven systems that can perform under the most demanding environments. Woodward governing parts and systems are trusted by industries around the world for their quality construction and reliability. 

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