5 Signs You Need to Repair or Replace your Marine Generator

5 Signs You Need to Repair or Replace your Marine Generator

Posted by Admin on 18th Jul 2022

How long do generators last? Marine generators are made to last up to 10 years, but they do have certain parts that need to be replaced or repaired during this time. While many things can go wrong with a marine generator, the most common issues are related to corrosion and wear-tear. Corrosion is caused by water getting inside your generator and damaging the components, while wear is caused by metal fatigue and breakdown. Regardless of what issue your generator has, if it's not working properly then it could be causing safety issues for you and members of your crew.

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Here are five signs that indicate your marine generator needs some repairs:

1.     Problems Starting Up

When your generator has a problem with starting up, it can be frustrating. You have to wait for the generator to warm up and then start. The problem happens when there is an issue with the electrical system or the fuel lines. If you are unsure if your generator needs repair or replacement, it is recommended that you contact Ace Power Products for more information.

2.     Excessive Fuel Use

If you're using more fuel than normal, then it's time to check your Phasor marine generator. If it's not functioning properly, that can cause several issues in your boat. For example, if your generator is not running at full capacity, it will use up more fuel than usual and may lead to low horsepower or even shut down completely.

You can check your engine's performance by disconnecting the battery cable from the starter battery and checking for power each time you start up your boat with the engine running. You'll be able to see how much power is being drawn from each battery as well as how much power is being consumed by your devices on board.

3.     Low Power Flow

If your generator doesn't provide enough power to run your boat, or if it can't keep up with the needs of essential equipment, you'll need to replace it. While many factors affect how much power a marine generator will produce and how fast it can supply it, one common problem is low power flow.

Power flow refers to how well a generator converts electricity into usable energy. The more efficient the conversion process is, the better able your electronic devices will be at using this energy when needed.

4.     Constant Repairs

If your marine generator is constantly breaking down, you may need to replace it. If you are constantly trying to fix the same problem, again and again, it could be a sign that your generator needs the replacement of its parts. You can find a diesel generator service near me at 33414 at Ace Power Products.

5.     Carbon Monoxide Emissions

Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas that can be emitted from your marine generator.  The production of excess carbon monoxide is a sign of incomplete fuel combustion. When incomplete combustion occurs, it means your engine needs some repairs performed by your mechanic. However, you need an expert to look at the engine emissions levels so that you can be sure when you want to fix them.

Now you know how long generators last before being replaced by a new model. In addition, you know your marine generator needs repairs and replacement of its parts. For example, if your marine generator has a broken filter, and the voltage regulator fails and stops working, you will have to replace them.

You don't have to wait until your marine generator has reached 10 years of age before making repairs or replacing parts. Get your quality marine parts today at Ace Power Products at an affordable price.