Hurricane Generator: Here Are The Best Generators For Hurricanes

Hurricane Generator: Here Are The Best Generators For Hurricanes

Posted by Admin on 21st Mar 2022

You will need a hurricane generator if you live in a hurricane-prone area.

When the hurricane season looms near, it's time to stock a hurricane generator and other supplies. Having a generator during a disaster is extremely important. It will keep your essentials powered while the rest of the world is struggling to power their homes.

Before buying a generator for hurricane season, consider what will be the hardest thing for you without power. Here are the best generators to keep your loved ones happy and resources available while energy is out during a power outage.

Champion Power Generators

Champion generator stands out as the overall best generator for hurricanes. The champion brand has its roots in North America.

Its generators are super quiet and compact for use at home. Additionally, most of them are portable and use propane or gasoline.


  • Cold Start technology: The generator starts and runs flawlessly even at low temperatures.
  • Dual Fuel Configuration: They can run on both gas and electric power.
  • Advanced CO ShieldTM Technology: If there is carbon monoxide, the generator will automatically shut down to protect the user from a potential hazard.
  • Advanced Wireless Start System: The technology eases starting and running of the generator.
  • The technical support team offers a 3-year limited warranty.
  • The generators meet certifications and compliance regulations from CARB and EPA.

WEN Generators

WEN generators are, by far, the best portable generator for hurricanes available on the market. WEN is an electronics company based in the US, and it was founded in 1951.

The generator’s design and specs focus on reducing fuel consumption and the use of lightweight materials. As a result, WEN generators are a reliable power source during natural disasters like hurricanes.


  • Wheels: Despite being lightweight, WEN generator extras offer wheels to ease portability.
  • Computerized voltage controls: For efficient fuel use and maximum use of produced voltage.
  • Parallel connection: You can link two generators for extra power.
  • Its power outage is compatible and controlled to prevent damage to electrical gadgets.
  • Cloud sound: It’s an absorbing house to prevent noise leakage when using the generator.

Generac Generators

Generac company manufactures its generators in America and Germany. The company’s generators incomparably stand out as the best home generators for hurricanes.

The innovative technology on the generators’ engines provides reliable power for use with home gadgets. The output power has less than 5% total harmonic distortion that’s perfect for use with sensitive home equipment.


  • Mobile Link Connectivity: You can remotely monitor the generator's status using smartphones or laptops.
  • Generac Transfer Switches: For total system compatibility when using it as a home backup generator.
  • The generators have a solid-state digital voltage regulation of +/- 1 for optimized, fast response to power demands at home.
  • They meet the NEMA MG1-22 Evaluation to maximize home safety.

Hurricanes can keep a city under blackout siege for days, if not weeks. On the contrary, a reliable generator can keep your family happy during a power outage. Make the right choice now; buy a hurricane generator today!