The Ultimate Guide On A Kohler Generator Troubleshooting Process

The Ultimate Guide On A Kohler Generator Troubleshooting Process

Posted by Admin on 9th May 2022

A broken Kohler generator can bring a standstill to your activities, especially those that require a constant power supply. A Kohler generator troubleshooting may be the answer to a generator that constantly breaks down, causing inconveniences.

Do you have a generator that will suddenly stop or have a hard time starting? Here are some things you can try to troubleshoot and get it working again.

The Kohler Generator Troubleshooting Process: In 5 Simple Steps

Since Kohler manufactures different generators, such as gas-run and diesel-run generators, you need to ensure that you have the right Kohler generator troubleshooting manual to take you through the process. Here are the simple steps you can follow:

Step 1: Try restarting Your Generator Engine

The Kohler generator troubleshooting process starts with finding out what the problem is. Since the engine is the generator's heart, restoring it helps you trace and fix a problem. Restart it, and if it still doesn't crank or cranks a little then dies, then it could be a power issue.

Test the battery voltage, and if it shows that it has no power, even after cleaning the terminals, you will need a new battery.

Step 2: Check Oil Level

One cause of your generator stopping could be low oil levels. To check the oil level, you need to use a clean dipstick to check the levels. Remove your dipstick from your generator engine, clean it and dip it again to get a clear new reading.

If the oil level is low, get a funnel, open the oil cap, refill the oil until full, and start the engine.

Step 3: Change Spark Plugs

When troubleshooting a Kohler generator, you have to check the spark plugs and remove the rubber plugs. You may have to replace them altogether. Ensure that you maintain a gap from underneath when replacing, as recommended by the Kohler generator troubleshooting manual.

Step 4: Check The Air Filter

If the air filters are clogged with dirt, the engine will cause the Kohler engine to run for a short time and suddenly stop due to the damage caused by the dirt.

The ultimate Kohler marine generator troubleshooting move, in this case, is to simply replace the filters by removing the entire panel and fitting back the new filter.

Step 5: Check The ATS

If the automatic transfer switch is damaged, the generator won't start when it is supposed to. Therefore if your Kohler generator won't start, it might not be the engine or the oil. You have to do a little Kohler automatic transfer switch troubleshooting. Here is how:

Check Circuit Breakers

During sudden power surges, the circuit breakers trip out of place; therefore, before concluding that there is a problem with the ATS, ensure that the tripped circuit breakers are in the right position. If that doesn't work, go to step two.

Check The Controller

When a controller is damaged, it won't signal the generator to start an outage or stop when the power is back. As a Kohler generator troubleshooting measure, ensure that the controllers are in great shape and either replace or repair them.

Replace Damaged Solenoids

Solenoids can get damaged from cycling fast, grime build-up, and intense heat. It can cause the ATS to fail; thus, you need to ensure that they are good, and if they are damaged, replace them immediately.

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