The Key Qualities of a Phasor Marine Generator

The Key Qualities of a Phasor Marine Generator

Posted by Admin on 20th Sep 2021

The phasor marine generator is the difference between having a wonderful day at sea, fishing, sailing; and living your worst nightmare. You wouldn’t want your only power source to give up on you and leave you scrambling for shore.

This marine engine is sized from 2.5 to 27kw, enough to power a yacht to a small ship. The generator set is built on a Kubota engine and the ruggedly reliable Neward Stamford Generator.

This will furnish most of your boat’s electrical needs. You will be able to cool and freeze; to cook and warm; to watch and listen without a care in the world. With this generator powering you, your cruise will only end when you say so, not when your power supply gives up on you. Check out Ace Power Products, LLC for this quality generator.

So, what are the essential qualities that make the phasor generator the copper bottom of your ship?

More on the Phasor Marine Generator

  1. Low operating speed

The phasor marine generators are diesel engines designed to produce maximum power at low RPMs. For example, the Phasor Marine 12.5Kw generator can output 104 amps on 120VAC at a low operating speed of 1800 rpm.

At a low rpm, fuel consumption is significantly reduced. You can get further on less fuel. Generators that operate at low operating speeds make less noise. You can enjoy your cruise without the rumble of a generator in your ears all day long.

Besides good fuel control, your generator lasts long, almost four times longer than a comparable gas generator.

  1. Safety shutdown systems.

The marine generators are armed with several devices and mechanisms such as:

  • Overcurrent inverse time relay
  • Negative phase sequence relay
  • Overcurrent instantaneous
  • 1% solid-state voltage regulation
  • Current differential
  • Lockout trip
  • Reverse power trip
  • Under/ over frequency
  • Under/ over voltage
  • Automatic low oil pressure designed with high water temperature safety shut down systems.

These devices monitor the various components of the generator during operations and shut down instantaneously to prevent accidents in case of default.

  1. Freshwater heat exchanger cooling system

In this dual cooling system, freshwater cools the engine, and seawater cools the fresh water in turn. This system makes the cooling process efficient and enhances the performance and longevity of the generator.

  1. Quiet operations and reliability

The phasor marine generator does its work steadily, sturdily, and without a fuss. It is that quiet worker in the background upon whom everything depends but lets you take all the credit.

Here is an outline of more of the phasor marine generator’s optional features to enhance your experience:

  • A stainless steel drip pan
  • Sound blanket
  • Remote engine instrument panels, customized
  • 3 phase generator wiring
  • Belt guard
  • Custom chrome and paint packages.

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