Everything You Need to Know About Stamford and Cummins Generators

Everything You Need to Know About Stamford and Cummins Generators

Posted by Admin on 1st Mar 2023

Power outages can make life annoying, from struggling to do your job without electricity to having too many game nights ruined when the lights go out - but thankfully, you don't have to resign yourself to this fate.

By investing in Stamford generator electrical, you can give yourself back some control and be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. Read on to learn what these generators can do for you and why they are worth considering!

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Stamford Generators

Stamford generators are powered by natural gas or propane and usually come in sizes ranging from 40-400kW. They use a spark ignition system for starting, which is reliable but also creates a loud noise during start-up.

Stamford generators are best for small-to-medium-sized homes and businesses because of their size. The cost is typically lower than other models due to their smaller size and fewer features.

Cummins Generators

Cummins generators come in sizes ranging from 15-2000kW, so they are much larger than Stamfords.

They use a glow plug ignition system which is quieter than a spark ignition system but requires more maintenance over time. Cummins generators are the best choice for large homes or businesses due to their size and powerful output.

The cost is higher than other models due to their larger size and additional features such as remote monitoring capabilities, fuel efficiency sensors, etc.

How Stamford and Cummins Generators Work?

Both Stamford and Cummins generators work in the same way. Fuel (usually diesel) is combusted within the generator, which powers a turbine. The turbine turns an alternator, which produces electricity. This electricity is then sent through transformers to increase the voltage for distribution.

The main difference between these two types of generators lies in their respective engines. A Stamford generator typically uses a four-stroke engine, while a Cummins generator uses a six-stroke engine. Both are incredibly reliable and efficient, but the six-stroke engine in the Cummins generator is said to be slightly more so.

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