Fixing Diesel Engines

Fixing Diesel Engines

Posted by Admin on 5th Jul 2021

If you own a heavy vehicle or any heavy equipment, you will likely encounter problems with your diesel engines. However, troubleshooting diesel engines is possible, and you do not have to fret over it too much. At Ace Power Products, we have sufficient experience fixing diesel engines and have extended our services to a vast clientele.

Even though it may seem like your diesel engine problem is big and it will take a massive chunk of money out of your pocket to resolve this problem, this is not the case. We have prepared a quick guide to shed light on dealing with a defaulted diesel engine and how we can help you and the best diesel engine solutions.

Common Problems that prevent your engine from starting

If your diesel engine is not starting, there could be a multitude of reasons behind this. Before jumping to conclusions, you should analyze the problem more comprehensively to help fix diesel engines. Here are some common engine-related problems and their causes that you might face:

Cold Machine: if your vehicle or equipment is not warm enough, you will have to disconnect the belt and warm up your vehicle afterward. Once it is hot enough, you can try restarting your machine, and the issue will likely be resolved.

Another common problem that could cause your diesel engine not to start is the oil being too sticky. In an instance where you encounter this problem, all you have to do is refill the diesel engine with machine oil in its inlet pipe. A faulty fuel system could also cause your diesel engine not to start. The cause behind these faulty systems could either be due to air in the fuel supply or a hindrance in the fuel supply. To avoid these problems or to resolve them, you will have to either refill the fuel tank or make sure that all the pipes connected to the fuel tank are tightly fixed, thus leaving no passage for air to enter.

Problems Relating to Engine’s Mechanical Power

There are four very common problems pertaining to mechanical power. These include malfunctioning in the fuel system, the air filter getting obstructed due to dust particles clogging it up, the improper connection between the needle body and the needle, and last but not least, a lousy pressing fuel pump. Like your engine not starting, fixing diesel engines with these problems is also very simple and does not require a lot of technical intervention.

Exhaust Fumes

Your exhaust fumes can also be a sign of some fault with your diesel engine. Be it black fumes, blue fumes, or even white fumes, all of these are a sign that your diesel engine has a problem that needs to be catered to. Black fumes can be caused because of overloading or low pressure on your engine or an air leak. On the other hand, white fumes are caused by water getting mixed with your diesel fuel and this problem can be fixed by performing a good service of the tank. Lastly, blue fumes are directly linked with oil mixed with your cylinder or the piston ring getting chipped off.

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There are many engine-related problems that you could encounter as a heavy equipment or vehicle owner, including the ones that we have mentioned above. However, these problems usually have straightforward solutions that can be resolved on an immediate basis and do not need a lot of technical assistance. Feel free to contact us for troubleshooting diesel engines and any other diesel engine solutions that you require!