Woodward Gas Valves & Actuators Maintenance Recommendations

Woodward Gas Valves & Actuators Maintenance Recommendations

Posted by Admin on 1st Oct 2020

Every modern manufacturing industry requires Woodward gas valves. For your gas valves, actuators, and mechanical control to function in the right way, they need to receive top-notch maintenance and repair service at the right time. 

At Ace Power Products, we are experts at helping you handle all issues involving Woodward valves in the United States. We offer the best repair service and ensure your unit keeps running and functioning effectively. In this article, we will explore some maintenance recommendations. 

Woodward Gas Valves and System

Woodward fuel metering systems are used on mechanical systems, gas compression systems, and electrical power generation systems. Woodward valves are designed to help you monitor the activity of your system to ensure it runs in the best way possible. The valves are designed for electric and hydraulic actuators. This helps improve the functioning, effectiveness, and performance of your system.

What are the available factory repair options?

There are several repair and actuator options available. The available options are both detailed and authorized; they can expertly replace your contract supplier. Available options include:

  • Maintenance

Through effective maintenance, your actuators, mechanical control, and valves can function effectively. Maintenance will improve the reliability, safety, and availability of your turbine engine. The best way to prevent the unexpected shutdown of your unit is through regular maintenance. The goal of the maintenance task is to make the unit function like a new one, by replacing all damaged and faulty components, and putting things in the best place.

  • Gas Fuelling, monitoring and control

Both small and larger turbines used in industries need to be efficiently fuelled, monitored, and controlled in the right way. Experts who are skilled and trained to help provide comprehensive turnkey management for your units are essential. This will start from visiting your site before installation and will feature ongoing services after installation. Effective testing to ensure all components function well and training of personnel to handle and operate the unit will also be included.

  • Electronic control system

Irrespective of the type of unit, size of the unit, or the application of the combustion turbine, there is a definite and unique control solution delivered. There are primary and essential custom controls that are required for industrial turbines. Such controls include safe start, loading, unloading, and shutting down of the unit. These controls are essential for safety and effective service delivery. Since each combustion turbine has a unique mode of operation and is microprocessor-based, these programs must be understood for effective functioning. Woodward experts will inform you of the essential programs, and how to operate them.  

Available Woodward control options

Woodward controls are available for engines and turbines. They are designed to help them function well, effectively, and effortlessly. Diesel fuel system controls are also available for systems like APECS, DYNA engine products, and other smaller engine products. Only with the right Woodward valves can your unit function correctly. 

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