Governor Diesel & Gas Generators Sets with the Woodward DPG-21XX-OOX

Governor Diesel & Gas Generators Sets with the Woodward DPG-21XX-OOX

Posted by Admin on 16th Mar 2020

Governor Diesel & Gas Generators Sets

How do I take control of my Governor Diesel and gas generators? You want to make sure that you are getting the right amount of power that you need for your business, and the way to do this is to take control of the speed. That’s why Ace Power Products offers Woodward generator control with the Woodward DPG-21XX-OOX. Woodward products give you total control over your generator speeds, ensuring you’re getting the output you need. We are headquartered in Florida, but ship to manufacturers throughout the United States and worldwide. Learn more about the Woodward speed controller and our other products now!

Why Woodward is the Solution

Need to power your turbines? We supply and support a number of Woodward energy control systems that give the control you need through a variety of customizable features on each system. Our selection of Woodward products is capable of working with every size, type and application of combustion turbines.

Woodward controls utilize a microprocessor alongside programmable integral application software that allows you to customize a wide set of parameters for your generator's speed conditions.

Take Control With Woodward Generator Control

When powering a generator, you need to make sure that the engine is running a certain speed for the desired output. Too much or too little speed could result in a failure to keep up with the desired output speeds, and possibly malfunctions.

So to make sure that the engine is running at the proper speed, you need a speed controller. A diesel engine governor does precisely this.

A Woodward DPG-21XX-OOX not only gives you this kind of control over your generator, but it also gives it to you remotely, along with a variety of other features. For one, it can handle a wide speed range, allowing you to adjust the speed to your specific needs. You can also set your own parameters so that your generator never runs at an undesired speed. This is made possible by the built-in user interface.

How else can you tailor this Woodward speed controller to your needs? You can also program desired acceleration and deceleration ramp rates, idle speed set, hold time, and much more. For safety, this model offers superior temperature stability and a failsafe that reacts instantly when it loses the engine speed signal. The DPG series' programmable controls provide isochronous or droop speed control, isochronous load sharing, and precision frequency control. In other words, you can completely tailor everything to your needs.

Contact Us For A Woodward Speed Controller

Ace Power Products supplies manufacturers throughout the United States with Woodward generator control, allowing them to use their generators most effectively. Specializing in power generation, we also supply AC Alternators (generator ends or electrical ends), Alternator Parts, Automatic voltage regulators, Transfer switches, Diesel engine parts, Alternator parts, helping you stay on top of your machinery, with high-quality brands. Get the parts you need from a company that you can rely on. Want to learn more about our Woodward products? Give us a call!