Which Woodward Governor Is Right For You?

Which Woodward Governor Is Right For You?

Posted by Admin on 18th Jan 2021

Has your governor arm been tampered with or removed? Then, you should be considering an engine adjustment! But how do you adjust the Woodward governor controller? This article will unveil that! It explains how to adjust the mechanical governor effectively.
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Engine Adjustment Tips For Woodward Governor Controllers

1. Inspection- When your engine runs too slow or fast, the first approach is to inspect the governor spring and linkage before you start to solve the underlying problem. First, you need to confirm that your Woodward governor controller operates freely, and then the spring isn’t stretched or damaged. Additionally, it would be best to inspect the governor static adjustment to verify that all free play has been taken off between the carburetor and spindle.
The best way to execute this is by moving the throttle from idle to fully open and taking note of how the governor shaft shifts. If it moves clockwise, you’d need to unfasten the clamp screw, and leaving the throttle wide open, turn it clockwise and re-fasten the nut. Ensure the throttle moves from idle to full-open after the adjustment has been made. You might need to consult an expert to carry out these exact adjustment procedures.

2. Restart The Engine- After carrying out these checks, you’d be required to restart your engine and confirm if the Woodward governor controller is now operating correctly. To do this, when the engine is inactive, move the governor lever and use your hands to unclose the throttle. If it’s working correctly, it should thrust the arm back that idle. The best way to do this test is by removing the governor spring. If it has no push toward the idle or over speeds, you should recheck the static adjustment or check the internal parts. For this part, a local repair shop should be consulted.
3. Addressing a Sensitive Governor- A sensitive governor often overcompensates for speed or reacts too quickly. Many governor arms do have some holes in the arm to alter the sensitivity. This can be done by moving the governor spring to the hole of the governor shaft to make it less sensitive. But before you do this, check with your local repairs or your manuals. In some cases, you might need to change the governor springs.

Why You Should Adjust Your Governor Well

1. Shortens Your Engine’s Life- If the engine speed isn’t controlled, it will destroy itself.
2. Blows The Magneto Magnet- Even for a short period, an improperly adjusted governor can lead to catastrophic failures like the blowing of the magneto magnet into several pieces.

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