The Woodward Governor Guide You Need To Read!

The Woodward Governor Guide You Need To Read!

Posted by Admin on 1st Mar 2021

What will you do if disaster strikes? If you've got a power generator, you're ready for a variety of disasters. Or are you? Can you be sure that your generator is in working order? Keeping a power generator in good working order requires regular upkeep and maintenance. That includes knowing something about the inner workings of your generator, including how the parts work. 

Ace Power Products, LLC is a Florida-based company that supplies power generators and their parts throughout the United States. We specialize in diesel generators and spare and replacement parts if you are looking to keep your generator in working order. We offer only the best brands on the market today. We know that you need to know that when it comes to industrial work, brands you choose are safe, efficient, and reliable. That's why we are bringing you this guide that will tell you everything you need to know about Woodward governor and Woodward governor parts. 

What Is A Woodward Governor? 

A governor is a speed limiter or controller that regulates engine speed. As speed increases, the flow of fuel decreases. Inversely, when speed decreases, the flow of fuel increases. The governor controls this process, always working to normalize fuel flow so that they remain stable within set parameters.  

Governors work in a variety of machines and engines to maintain the stability of energy production. Woodward primarily produces mechanical and electronic governors. Woodward governor parts can also be purchased for regular maintenance needs.  

Why Choose Woodward?  

Woodward produces the most reliable and innovative products available today. Throughout the last century, Woodward has tested and developed their generators to create time-tested designs they stand behind. 

Consider the Woodward UG-8 governor, the industry-standard in terms of speed control. A mechanical-hydraulic governor, this model controls diesel, gas, or dual-fuel engines and turbines. A nationwide standout, you won't have any problem troubleshooting this beauty. But if you do, make Ace Power Products, LLC your first call, where any one of our diagnostic support specialists is available 24/7 to help you get your equipment in top working condition. 

What About Digital Governors? 

If you've got a steam turbine, you might be looking to upgrade to a digital governor. Take a look at the Woodward 505E Steam Turbine Control. With programmable digital control accessible through user-friendly, menu-oriented software, operation and management have never been easier. This is innovation at its best, allowing you the ability to set and control several individual parameters simultaneously while maintaining turbine speed, load to extraction, header pressure, and anything else you need to monitor. 

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Whichever governor you choose, Ace Power Products, LLC is the best supplier of Woodward governor and Woodward governor parts. Located in Wellington, Florida, we serve manufacturers and buyers throughout the United States. When you buy from us, you can be sure you are purchasing genuine products from top-quality brands. We stand behind our products, offering a 24/7 support line and annual service agreements that prevent premature failures and keep your equipment in top working order. So give us a call, and let's talk gear!