Woodward Governors vs Actuators: What's The Difference?

Woodward Governors vs Actuators: What's The Difference?

Posted by Admin on 24th Feb 2020

An engine is one of the most complex mechanisms when converting any form of energy into mechanical energy. Since engines can be used in a variety of day-to-day operations, ensuring your engine is working correctly will save you from disaster. When trying to understand how an engine works, you’ll want to know the difference between a Woodward governor stock and a Woodward actuator. Better yet, Ace Power Products ships these products throughout the United States.

What is a Woodward Governor Stock Part?

When it comes to a Woodward governor controller, you can think of it as a cruise-control system for your engine. In layman’s terms, the governor in your engine will help maintain the speed in an engine when the load is either increased or decreased. 

Whether you’re operating a vehicle, lawnmower, or anything else with an engine, the governor will play an essential role in making sure it functions properly. Using mechanical flyweights and hydraulic pistons, a governor will make sure your engine isn’t working too hard. When the speed needs to be changed -- or if it needs more fuel -- the pistons and weights will move accordingly. 

When your engine loses oil pressure, the Woodward governor controller will automatically shut the engine off. As a result, you can rest easy knowing that your engine won’t be running if there’s a lack of oil pressure. 

What is a Woodward Actuator?

Where the governor will help maintain speed in the engine, the actuator is what helps regulate the fuel intake. An actuator will typically send an electrical or hydraulic signal to a shaft connected to the fuel system. When more fuel is needed, the shaft will move in the direction it needs to correct the fuel intake. 

The actuator will work hand-in-hand with the Woodward governor controller. Essentially, the governor will determine when a fuel correction needs to be made. When it does, the actuator will send the signal to the shaft, and it will correct itself. If the correction isn’t made, the governor will turn the engine off safely. 

Why Trust Woodward Products?

Woodward has been the leading designer, manufacturer, and service provider of governors, actuators, and other engine products. They are generally applied to gas compression, mechanical drive systems, and electrical power generation. 

If you want to ensure your engine is working correctly at all times, having a professional perform scheduled maintenance on your engine. They’ll be able to find any issues, inconsistencies with the parts, and whether something needs to be repaired, replaced, or customized. 

Since engines are such a sophisticated item for the average person, having a company you can trust will give you peace of mind when driving your car, mowing your lawn, or using any other power products with an engine involved. 

Ace Power Products is your one-stop-shop for everything related to diesel generators and engines.

Whether you need an entire generator or engine, replacements and parts, or preventative maintenance completed on your engine, Ace Power Products can help! We have Woodward governor stock available, actuators for your engine, and have warehouses throughout the United States. Contact us today for more information!