Woodward Governors In The US

Woodward Governors In The US

Posted by Admin on 24th May 2021

There are three varying types of Woodward governor’s in the US, but choosing the right one can be tricky. It is a well-known fact that a Woodward governor is a vital part of the diesel engine. It sends more fuel when the load is high to keep the engine from slowing down, and when the load decreases, it allows less fuel in the machine. Thus, getting the right one is a vital step you should never skip. If you need any of the three Woodward governor’s that earned our mention in the article, Ace Power Products, LLC is one of the best manufacturers of Woodward governor parts in the US to speak with. 

Mechanical-Hydraulic Woodward Governor's In The US

Mechanical-hydraulic Woodward governors are old-fashioned, analog variants of the governor. As the name implies, they work on engines without electricity. They come in two modes: Droop and isochronous. Droop is designed for balancing power needed between engines, while isochronous is best for an operator who desires specific control over speed. When selecting any of the two types of the mechanical hydraulic governor, be sure to choose the make and model that is perfect for your needs. This is because the lubrication process is different for each one. One last piece of advice: make sure you stock up to avoid being stranded when needed.

Electronic Woodward Governor

Will electronic Woodward governor make a better choice than mechanical hydraulic type? Absolutely! The electronic governor comes with a mechanical backup. This shows that they are more reliable than the hydraulic Woodward. The mechanical governor takes time to respond to "on" and "off," however, the electronic Woodward governor utilizes a computer chip that makes responding to "on" and "off" faster. Additionally, the net effect of the electronic Woodward is safer, more precise, and reliable. While speed isn’t noticeable, believe us, the difference in seconds makes a big difference! 

Pressure Compensation Woodward Governor

If you need a Woodward governor for industrial applications, then a pressure compensation governor is the best. They are effective for massive engines. Also, they function in the same way as the two types of the governor mentioned. This type can be configured to accurately control speed or limit the rate of power produced. Since the governor is used with large engines, there is an inclusion of a special failsafe. This add-on ensures that lubrication is okay at all times to avoid the machine or the governor itself from breaking down.

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Do you still need further insight on choosing the best Woodward governor's in the US? Contact us at Ace Power Products, LLC. We don’t want you stranded in the cold with the wrong governor. With our years of experience dealing with industrial equipment, we’ll give you insight into making the right decision and getting you the best governor. Our Woodward Governor for sale and Woodward governor controller is manufactured in the United States. However, we can ship anywhere in the country. With us, be assured of products that are efficient, reliable, and safe!